ITC passport program

ITC 2022 Exhibition Passport Daily Drawing

winners from Day 1

  • Stuart Pearce – iPad
  • Nicholai L’Esperance – $100 Amazon gift card

winners from Day 2

  • Eli Scott – iPad
  • Kwame Amponsah – $100 Amazon gift card

winners for Day 3

  • Jan-Gudmund Ness – iPad
  • Yuhai Ma – $100 Amazon gift card

Daily Prizes: one Apple iPad and one $100 Amazon gift card per day drawn from eligible
Passport entries in collection boxes.

Eligibility: must qualify all following conditions

  1. The Passport holder must have a valid ITC2022 full registration. Exhibition-only
    and single-day passes are not qualified. Be sure to put your name on the Passport
  2. A qualified Passport entry must be stamped by the one of exhibitor(s) in the
    following at the larger box(es) “Destination”
    Destination Exhibitor(s):
     Siemens
  3. A qualified Passport entry must also be stamped by SIX different exhibitors other
    than the above Destination Exhibitor(s) in the smaller boxes “General”
  4. You must enter each day to qualify for that particular day’s drawing. That is, the
    collection box(es) will be cleaned after daily drawing.



  1. Collection boxes will be located on the exhibit floor.
  2. Drawing will be conducted on the exhibit floor at the end of each day of the 3
    days of exhibition. That is, 5:30pm on Tuesday, 4:30pm on Wednesday and 1pm
    on Thursday.
  3. You do NOT need to be present at the drawing.
  4. Winners will be announced at ITC web site and by email by the end of day.
  5. Winners are expected to receive prizes at the award presentation (shown below).
    If you could not make it, please contact ITC Exhibition Chair Chen-Huan Chiang
  6. We apologize that ITC will not be able to mail the prize to you.
  7. Award presentations
    1. Prizes will be presented at the beginning of the next day’s keynote at 9am. That is,
      Wed keynote for Tue’s winners and Thu keynote for Wed’s winners. — Except
      for the last day, prizes will be presented immediately after the drawing at 1pm
      Thu on the exhibition floor.
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