How to access the ITC virtual platform

Guide to accessing and using the virtual platform

  • An email with a password-creating link was distributed by Underline to all Registered ITC 2022 attendees to make it easy for first-time users of Underline to create the password for their respective accounts (named by email address used when you registered!).  

When you are logged into your Underline account, please follow this link to the ITC 2022 Conference event page:   

A video summarizing the usage of the platform is available here – ITC virtual platform usage video.

  • If you did not receive an invitation, please first check your spam folder, and/or any similar folders that are not your main inbox (such as social, or promotions, junk folder …) and look for an email by Underline (
    Please DO NOT try to create an account on your own, as that will return an error message. Underline has already prepared your account and ticket for the event.
  • If you are still unable to find the email, please contact our support team at:  
  • In case your Underline account has not been authorized to access the ITC 2022 Conference event, please report the issue by emailing

Using the virtual platform as a mobile app

The ITC virtual platform is available to on-site attendees.  It is convenience to use it as a mobile app or to view poster videos ahead of conversations.

The virtual platform allows you to:

  • Use the Underline site on your computer or on your mobile device
  • View the Conference Schedule
  • Schedule the papers you want to attend in your calendar
  • View the posters

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