ITC 2023 Program Daily Themes

ITC 2023 Program Daily Themes

 Thanks to the contributions of the authors and the hard work from the reviewers, the ITC 2023 technical program is coming together nicely.

 This year’s papers cover a wide variety of topics in the test field, so to help make the program somewhat coherent we’ve organized it broadly into daily themes: we’ll have an Artificial Intelligence day (AI Day), a Heterogenous Integration day (3DIC Day, since “HI Day” doesn’t roll off the tongue so well), and a Silicon Lifecycle Management day (SLM Day). Each day will feature a keynote address focused on that topic, along with an assortment of technical tracks with related content.

 As we pick which day of Test Week will be assigned to which topic and fill out the session-by-session details, we’ll keep you posted via these weekly updates. In the meantime, registration is already open and the Disneyland Hotel always fills up, so register for ITC and reserve your room at the Disneyland Hotel through the registration link.

ITC 2023 Daily Themes

Sunday:  Tutorials

Monday:  Tutorials

Tuesday:  3DIC Day

Wednesday:  SLM Day

Thursday:  AI Day

Friday:  Workshops

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