2016 Ned Kornfield Best Paper Award

Power Supply Impedance Emulation to Eliminate Overkills and Underkills due to the Impedance Difference between ATE and Customer Board

  1. Nakura, N. Terao (University of Tokyo)
  2. Ishida (Advantest Corporation)
  3. Ikeno (University of Tokyo)
  4. Kusaka (Advantest Corporation)
  5. Iizuka, K. Asada (University of Tokyo)

2007 ITC Most Significant Paper

A Scan-Island Based Design Enabling Pre-bond Testability in Die-Stacked Microprocessors

  1. L. Lewis, H-H S. Lee  (Georgia Institute of Technology)

TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal

Jacob Abraham

IEEE Fellow 2017

Kuen-Jong Lee

National Cheng-Kung University

Low Cost Testing of Digital VLSI Circuits

TTTC Bob Madge Innovation Award

Li-C Wang

Awards given at 2016 ITC

ITC Ned Kornfield Best Paper Award 2014

Yield Optimization Using Advanced Statistical Correlation Methods

Jeffrey Tikkanen

Sebastian Siatkowski

Nik Sumikawa

Li-C Wang

Magdy Abadir

ITC Ned Kornfield Best Paper Award 2015

A Structured Approach to Post Silicon Validation and Debug using Symbolic Quick Error Detect

David Lin

Eshan Singh

Clark Barrett

Subhasish Mitra

ITC Most Significant Paper Award 2005

Invisible Delay Quality Lights Up What Could Not Be Seen

Yasuo Sato

Seiji Kajihara

Toshiyuki Maedo

Atsuo Takanori

Y. Nozuyama

ITC Most Significant Paper Award 2006

Preferred Fill:  A Scalable Method to Reduce Capture Power for Scan Based Designs

Santiago Ramersaro

Xijiang Lin

Zhuo Zhang

Sudhaker Reddy

Irith Pomeranz

Janusz Rajski

TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal

Janak H. Patel

  • B Sc Physics – Gujarat University, Gujarat, ‘67
  • B EE – Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Madras, ‘70
  • MS & PhD – Stanford University, Palo Alto, ’71, ‘76
  • Assistant Professor – Purdue University, W. Lafayette, ‘76
  • Professor – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, ‘80
  • CoDirector – Center for Reliable & HP Computing, ’87-’09
  • Founding Technical Advisor – Nexgen Microsystems ‘86
  • CoFounder, VP R&D – Sunrise Test Systems, ‘90

TTTC Bob Madge Innovation Award

Jeff Rearick

  • IEEE 1687: IJTAG
  • Standardized access to embedded instruments
  • Collaboration across design, test, EDA, ATE
  • Wide adoption and expansion underway
  • Senior Fellow, Advanced Micro Devices
  • 40+ patents, 7 “Top-10” ITC papers
  • Foundational standard for future developments

G.W. Gordon Student Service Award

2016 Recipient

Grigor Tshagharyan

Yerevan State University