Each year ITC chooses the most significant paper published ten years before. The papers are judged on

  • Impact and Significance
  • Relevance
  • Historical Interest

The awards thus far are:

Published 2006, Awarded 2016:
Preferred Fill:  A Scalable Method to Reduce Capture Power for Scan Based Design

Santiago Ramersaro, Xijiang Lin, Zhuo Zhang, Sudhaker Reddy, Irith Pomeranz, Janusz Rajski

Published 2005, Awarded 2015:
Invisible Delay Quality Lights Up What Could Not Be Seen

Yasuo Sato, Seiji Kajihara, Toshiyuki Maedo, Atsuo Takanori, Nozuyama

Published 2004, Awarded 2014:
Scan-based Side-Channel Attack on Dedicated Hardware Implementations of Data Encryption Standard

B. Yang, K. Wu, R. Karri

Published 2003, Awarded 2013:
A Case Study of IR-Drop in Structured At-Speed Testing

J. Saxena, K. Butler, V. Jayaram, S. Kundu, N. Arvind and P. Sreeprakash, Texas Instruments; M. Hachinger, Siemens

Published 2002, Awarded 2012:
Embedded Deterministic Test for Low-Cost Manufacturing Test

J. Rajski, M. Kassab, N. Mukherjee, R. Thompson, T. Kun-Han, A. Hertwig, N. Tamarapalli, G. Mrugalski, G. Eide, Mentor Graphics, J. Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology, J. Qian, Cisco Systems

Published 2001, Awarded 2011:
OPMISR: The Foundation for Compressed ATPG Vectors
C. Barnhart, V. Brunkhorst, F. Distler, O. Farnsworth, B. Keller, B. Koenemann

Published 2000, Awarded 2010:
Wrapper Design for Embedded Core Test
E.J. Marinissen, M. Lousberg, S. Goel

Published 1999, Awarded 2009:
Defect-based Delay Testing of Resistive Vias-Contacts: A Critical Evaluation
K. Baker, G. Gronthoud, M. Lousberg, I. Schanstra, C. Hawkins

Published 1998, Awarded 2008:
A Structured and Scalable Mechanism for Test Access to Embedded Reusable Cores
E.J. Marinissen, R. Arendsen, G. Bos, H. Dingemanse, M . Lousberg, C. Wouters