About ITC

International Test Conference, the cornerstone of TestWeek™ events, is the world’s premier conference dedicated to the electronic test of devices, boards and systems-covering the complete cycle from design verification, test, diagnosis, failure analysis and back to process and design improvement. At ITC, test and design professionals can confront the challenges the industry faces, and learn how these challenges are being addressed by the combined efforts of academia, design tool and equipment suppliers, designers, and test engineers.

: A Forum for Exchange… The Harbinger of Change

In 1970, engineers facing the test challenges posed by the then-novel semiconductor memory device organized a symposium on IC testing. That meeting at the Rickshaw Inn in Cherry Hill, NJ drew a crowd of 147 people. That symposium is now a week-long conference attended by more than 2,000 engineers from around the world including sister ITC conferences in India and Asia.

In its fifty year history, International Test Conference has become the world’s leading electronics test conference . No other industry has changed as much – or changed the world as much – in those fifty years as semiconductor technology. ITC has kept pace, always seeking to develop new and innovative ways to fulfill its primary objective: the exchange of technical information.

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