You can still register and view ITC content

2021 ITC had a successful event with lots of participation and productive interactions during the week.

The ITC content is still available for viewing until November 30.

Here is a summary of the event from our 2021 ITC General Chair, Jennifer Dworak.

Content access

ITC registrants (both those who registered to attend the conference live and those who register after for on-demand), can get access to videos of sessions (which was done during the conference) and videos of each paper (which was done for presentation during the virtual conference).  In addition, if an author made his slides available to download, they can be accessed through the paper videos.

To access these element, an individual must log into the underline system (they had received a link for this from underline through their registration).  To get access to the sessions and papers, they need t click on the sessions icon on left hand side of Home Screen of the login to underline ITC 2021.  There they go to the session they are interested in and they will find a video of the entire session and videos of each individual paper in the session.  The link to the individual paper will have a download slides link for those papers that made them available.

To get access to poster, after logging in to Underline ITC 2021, click on the posters icon on the left hand side of the home page.

Content availability

Item Content available Where/how access Till when? notes
Plenary Video ITC Website (and through Underline until Nov. 14) No limit Includes awards
Keynotes Videos ITC Website (and through Underline until Nov. 14) No limit
Visionary talks videos ITC Website (and through Underline until Nov. 14) No limit
Papers presentation videos  Through Underline via reg  Nov. 14  Access on underline by clicking on sessions icon.  Registered attendees will receive a link  with the proceedings
Posters Videos & posters Through Underline via reg  Nov. 14  Currently only PS1 is available, access on underline by clicking on poster icon
Tutorials/ workshops Not available after conference

ITC exhibition attendees can win an iPad

ITC Exhibition iPad Giveaway, one iPad per day (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday)

runes for participation

  • A paid ITC2021 full conference registrant
  • Must visit 3 or more booth per day (i.e., per drawing)
    • Could repeat visits
  • When joining the Q&A session, please be sure to enter your email and name upon entering the booth

ITC virtual platform for 2021

Our volunteer committees have worked very hard to put together an exciting event with a balance of the latest research and practical techniques related to electronics test.  As we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, and taking the safety of all participants into consideration, we have once again moved ITC Test Week events to a fully online format with shorter days to maximize the opportunity to attend from home or the office without any travel being required.

ITC Virtual Platform (Underline)

Once you register you will receive an email from  It will confirm that you are registered and provide a link to the ITC virtual conference page –

Login:  use your email that you used when registering for the conference.

Virtual ITC user guide video

Exhibition floor (with posters, networking, and more)

We have a virtual exhibit floor that will host the exhibiting companies, posters, provide opportunities to meet up with others, and more.

Here is a general guideline on how to use the virtual exhibit floor in Gather.Town – exhibit floor guideline.  The virtual ITC user guide above give information specific to the ITC usage.

LOGIN:  note when entering Gather.Town please use your First and Last name as well as affiliation.

Software installations needed?

You can access all parts of the virtual ITC conference from your web browser.  There is no need to install anything on your computer to participate in ITC.

Note that Gather.Town (exhibition, networking room, …) recommends using Chrome which Underline also suggests as your browser.

ITC 2021 Final Program Now Available

The ITC Final Program has just been published, with updates and information on the Exhibitor Forum held Tuesday and Wednesday.

Find it on the Program Menu.

2021 Advance Program Now Available

The 2021 ITC Advance Program is now available on the ITC Website.

You can access it by clicking in “2021 Advance Program” under the Program Menu.

Expect many updates.

Keynote and Visionary talks

We have three keynotes and two visionary talks this year.  Please check out the 2021 keynote page for more details.

do you know which speaker was a pitcher in the 1971 Little League World Series

2020 ITC Awards

Awards given at the 2020 ITC Plenary

TTTC’s Global Test Community Quiz during ITC test week -2021

The Global Test Community Quiz (GTCQ) is a free ‘must-attend‘ social event for everyone in the world-wide test community. The next edition will be organized on Tuesday October 12, 2021, 3:00-4:30pm PDT as online social event during the 52nd IEEE International Test Conference (ITC) 2021. Participation to this entertaining fun event is free and open not only to all registered attendees of ITC-2021, but to all members of the global test community. For logistical reasons, free registration is required at this website of EventBrite:


GTCQ – the Perfect Online Social Event

For ITC, 2021 is already the second consecutive year in which the conference, forced by the global COVID-19 pandemic, is organized as an online-only event. While online conferences offer a lot of benefits over their traditional in-person counterparts, audience surveys consistently show that what they are missing is the social interaction within the conference community.

That is why GTCQ has been invented. The Global Test Community Quiz is an online social event that brings entertainment and fun interaction with peers, suppliers, customers, university contacts, etc. around topics that bind us together as test community: science, technology, business, and personal aspects.

First Edition: GTCQ @ETS-2021

The first GTCQ edition was held on May 27, 2021 in conjunction with the IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS) and was by many considered a great success. Almost 200 people in 23 different countries in three continents had an entertaining social event late in the night (Japan), in the end of the afternoon (Europe), or before going to work early in the morning (California). GTCQ @ETS-2021 featured two independent but timing-wise interwoven quiz competitions: (1) between individuals and (2) between three teams of eight persons, each representing a continent (Team Asia, Team Europe, Team Americas).

Second Edition: GTCQ during ITC test week -2021

GTCQ @ITC-2021 is organized on Tuesday October 12, 2021, 3:00 – 4:30pm PDT as online social event in conjunction with the 52nd IEEE International Test Conference (ITC) 2021. Participation to GTCQ @ITC-2021 is free and open not only to all registered attendees of ITC-2021, but to all members of the global test community.

On Tuesday October 12, ITC’s technical program finishes at 03:00pm PDT (= California local time). GTCQ @ITC-2021 starts immediately thereafter: 3:00-4:30pm PDT. Here are some local times for this global quiz in other countries:

  • California  Tuesday October 12, 2021            – 03:00-04:30pm PDT
  • Japan:        Wednesday October 13, 2021      – 07:00-08:30am JST
  • China:        Wednesday October 13, 2021      – 06:00-07:30am Beijing time
  • India:         Wednesday October 13, 2021      – 03:30-05:00am IST
  • Germany:  Wednesday October 13, 2021      – 00:00-01:30am CEST
  • UK:             Tuesday October 12, 2021            – 11:00pm-00:30am next day
  • New York   Tuesday October 12, 2021            – 06:00-07:30pm EDT

GTCQ @ITC-2021 will feature a quiz competition between individuals. Everyone who considers him/herself member of the world-wide electronics test community can participate from your own home, office, or whatever other location you might be. Participation is free, but requires up-front registration.

About the Quiz

The quiz will be presented by Quiz Master Jeff Rearick (AMD). The quiz questions have been brought together by a multi-national Quiz Preparation Team consisting of 13 expert colleagues, who are sworn to secrecy. Quiz questions can be about test technology including test equipment and design-for-test, but might also cover memorable test events, famous test companies, and influential people from our test community. The quiz is divided into themed rounds of a handful of questions each. TTTC will make awards available for the Top-3 quiz participants, but of course the fame and recognition the winners will get from the peers in their community is priceless. GTCQ @ITC-2021 might prove educational, but our main objective is to have fun!

Software Requirements

GTCQ participants will need for the entire duration of the quiz to be connected to the internet on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or a combination of such devices. GTCQ will use (1) ZOOM Meeting for communication and (2) QuizStud, a dedicated quiz software website, for collecting and scoring your answers to the quiz questions.

Please note: Some companies do not allow installation of ZOOM software on their devices (computer/tablet/smartphone). In such cases, please use the ZOOM web client as it allows joining a ZOOM Meeting or Webinar without downloading any plugins or software. By default, participants joining through the web client do not need to be signed into a ZOOM account, but the host can require authentication. For more information, see ZOOM’s “Quick start guide for the ZOOM web client” at

Free Registration

For capacity reasons, we need to know who plans to join us during the quiz. Registration is done via this EventBrite website, by “ordering” a free ticket:

Tickets come in two flavors: (1) Quiz Participant and (2) Spectator. The default registration type is Participant. In that role, you will participate in the quiz competition for individuals. The Spectator category is really only meant for the members of the Quiz Preparation Team, who are not allowed to compete in the quiz – and for the partners of Jeff and Erik Jan, who want to see their husbands in a quiz, but have no connection to test technology whatsoever…

Register Now; It Is Free!

Please register now and secure one of the 400 free event tickets on a first-come-first-served basis.:




About ITC

The IEEE International Test Conference (ITC) is the world’s premier conference dedicated to testing of electronic devices, boards, and systems – covering the complete cycle from design verification, test for manufacturing defects, fault diagnosis, failure analysis, and back to process and design improvement. ITC-2021 will take place October 10-15; for the ITC conference program and (paid) registration for ITC: see

About TTTC

The Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC) is a volunteer professional organization sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society. TTTC’s goals are to contribute to the professional development and advancement of its members, to help them solve engineering problems in electronic test, and to help advance the state-of-the art in test technology. In particular, TTTC aims at facilitating the knowledge flow in an integrated manner, to ensure overall quality in terms of technical excellence, fairness, openness, and equal opportunities. As the objectives of GTCQ – building, educating, and strengthening the global test community – fully align with those of TTTC, TTTC has decided to become a sponsor of GTCQ. For more information on TTTC, see

2019 ITC mobile app & photos

We received very nice feedback on the ITC mobile app.  If you haven’t already completed the mobile app survey (from within the app) then please do so because your feedback is valuable to us.

There are lots of photos within the mobile app that you can download.  You can also download any of the discussions.  The mobile app will stay active for six months after the conference.

The winner of the photo contest was Mr. Makoto Eiki with the most likes on the mobile app for this nice sunset photo.

There are also a few hundred photos from a professional photographer which you can access with this link on dropbox –

We plan to use the mobile app again next year.  Here is a nice summary of frequently asked questions from the app how-to guide – link

Thanks for participating in ITC and thanks for you feedback.

Ron Press

2019 ITC Marketing Chair

2019 ITC Awards

2018 Ned Kornfield Best Paper

“Fast and accurate linearity test for DACs with various architectures using segmented models”
Shravan Chaganti, Abalhassan Sheikh, Sumit Dubey, Frank Ankapong, Nitin Agarwal and Degang Chen.
(Iowa State University)

2018 Honorable Mention

“Concept Recognition in Production Yield Data Analytics”
Matt Nero, Jay (Chuanhe) Shan, Li-C Wang
(University of CA, Santa Barbara)

TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal

M. Ray Mercer



IEEE Fellow 2019

Anne E Gattiker
IBM, Austin, Texas

TTTC Bob Madge Innovation Award


Peter Maxwell
On Semiconductor


G.W. Gordon Student Service Award

Jay (Chuanhe) Shan

University of California at Santa Barbara