2020 ITC Awards

Awards given at the 2020 ITC Plenary

Machine learning & AI ubiquitous at ITC

Machine Learning and AI are making a big impact in the field of electronic test!

ITC 2020 features a record number of talks devoted to the intersection of AI/Machine Learning and electronic testing.

In the Tuesday keynote: “Reverse Engineering Visual Intelligence,” James DiCarlo (Professor of Neuroscience, and Head of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) “…will tell the story of how work in brain science, cognitive science and computer science converged to create deep neural networks that can support…[tasks such as visual object categorization and detection].”

In the Wednesday keynote, Ritu Favre will discuss “Applying Digital Transformation Technologies to Semiconductor Product Development.”  In this talk, she will discuss “practical examples of how companies are utilizing technologies ranging from the remote automation to the cloud to artificial intelligence to transform modern engineering labs and enterprises.”

The Thursday keynote: “50 years of ITC! Now what?” by Rob Aitken (ARM Fellow) will discuss the increasing desire for data and analytics and the fact that “machine learning gives fast answers but few reasons.”


In addition, one of the top three “Distinguished Papers” selected from the ITC review process also covers Machine Learning and is entitled: “Learning A Wafer Feature With One Training Sample.”

Other sessions are devoted to the intersection of test and Machine Learning/AI.  These include:

  • Session 1A: Learning for Failure Analysis and Prediction
  • Session 3B: Machine Learning Hardware and Applications
  • Session 4A: Machine Learning for Reliable Operation
  • Session 6D: Learning & Data Analysis (IP papers)

Finally, additional Machine Learning/AI papers are sprinkled throughout the program.  This is an unprecedented year for the convergence of test and AI/Machine Learning at ITC.  If you haven’t already registered, don’t forget to register for this exciting event at: http://www.itctestweek.org/register/

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A message from the 2020 General Chair

A message from Peter Maxwell, the 2020 ITC General Chair

2019 ITC mobile app & photos

We received very nice feedback on the ITC mobile app.  If you haven’t already completed the mobile app survey (from within the app) then please do so because your feedback is valuable to us.

There are lots of photos within the mobile app that you can download.  You can also download any of the discussions.  The mobile app will stay active for six months after the conference.

The winner of the photo contest was Mr. Makoto Eiki with the most likes on the mobile app for this nice sunset photo.

There are also a few hundred photos from a professional photographer which you can access with this link on dropbox – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3eicrfi13zk1cow/AAD9N8ok25blbPfJY6dIvYLva?dl=0.

We plan to use the mobile app again next year.  Here is a nice summary of frequently asked questions from the app how-to guide – link

Thanks for participating in ITC and thanks for you feedback.

Ron Press

2019 ITC Marketing Chair

2019 ITC Awards

2018 Ned Kornfield Best Paper

“Fast and accurate linearity test for DACs with various architectures using segmented models”
Shravan Chaganti, Abalhassan Sheikh, Sumit Dubey, Frank Ankapong, Nitin Agarwal and Degang Chen.
(Iowa State University)

2018 Honorable Mention

“Concept Recognition in Production Yield Data Analytics”
Matt Nero, Jay (Chuanhe) Shan, Li-C Wang
(University of CA, Santa Barbara)

TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal

M. Ray Mercer



IEEE Fellow 2019

Anne E Gattiker
IBM, Austin, Texas

TTTC Bob Madge Innovation Award


Peter Maxwell
On Semiconductor


G.W. Gordon Student Service Award

Jay (Chuanhe) Shan

University of California at Santa Barbara