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Company Name: yieldHUB
Telephone: n/a
Booth Number: 305

With today’s added pressures of time to market, along with the high cost of manufacturing, and material shortages, it’s never been a better time for semiconductor companies and fabless startups to invest in a yield management platform. yieldHUB was designed to offer modern automated solutions for all yield management challenges.

 Smart engineering is at the core of our platform, which was built so engineers can easily access and analyze data with unrivaled speed and accuracy. As volume grows, yieldHUB users can analyze and stack hundreds and even thousands of wafers at the same time using our cloud product on a web browser. Your engineers will be able to monitor production from any device no matter where they are. 

 The yieldHUB platform offers exclusive and unique features to its customers, combined with intuitive design, innovative communication tools, and help from our team of highly experienced experts. We’ve helped improve the yield for manufacturers of 60 billion chips in the past year.

You could be just a few clicks away from having all of your yield management problems solved by our team today. Visit www.yieldhub.com to get started.

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