2020 ITC Awards

Awards given at the 2020 ITC Plenary

ITC is On-demand through November

ITC content is available On-demand through November for registered attendees

You can access papers, presentations, exhibitor pages, keynotes, and posters at your convenience starting on Wednesday, Nov 11.  If you aren’t registered yet then you can still register while the content is available.  Move descriptions of the on-demand content available is listed here.


Winner of our four ipads

ITC Exhibition Giveaway: two iPads per day were given away on Wednesday and Thursday Nov 4 and 5.

  • Eligibility
    • A registered ITC2020 full conference attendee
    • Must visit 4 or more exhibition companies (not 4 booths) today
      • Could repeat yesterday’s visits
    • When joining the Q&A session, please be sure to provide your email and name to the host of exhibition company
  • Exhibitors are also available at Lounge https://underline.io/events/35/lounge
  • Exhibition ends 3:30pm EST today

Winners from Wednesday!

Samir Boubezari, from Qualcomm 



Seong Hong Teh from Intel


Winners from Thursday!

Dave Armstrong from Advantest


Fenil Shukla from Intel

Machine learning & AI ubiquitous at ITC

Machine Learning and AI are making a big impact in the field of electronic test!

ITC 2020 features a record number of talks devoted to the intersection of AI/Machine Learning and electronic testing.

In the Tuesday keynote: “Reverse Engineering Visual Intelligence,” James DiCarlo (Professor of Neuroscience, and Head of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) “…will tell the story of how work in brain science, cognitive science and computer science converged to create deep neural networks that can support…[tasks such as visual object categorization and detection].”

In the Wednesday keynote, Ritu Favre will discuss “Applying Digital Transformation Technologies to Semiconductor Product Development.”  In this talk, she will discuss “practical examples of how companies are utilizing technologies ranging from the remote automation to the cloud to artificial intelligence to transform modern engineering labs and enterprises.”

The Thursday keynote: “50 years of ITC! Now what?” by Rob Aitken (ARM Fellow) will discuss the increasing desire for data and analytics and the fact that “machine learning gives fast answers but few reasons.”


In addition, one of the top three “Distinguished Papers” selected from the ITC review process also covers Machine Learning and is entitled: “Learning A Wafer Feature With One Training Sample.”

Other sessions are devoted to the intersection of test and Machine Learning/AI.  These include:

  • Session 1A: Learning for Failure Analysis and Prediction
  • Session 3B: Machine Learning Hardware and Applications
  • Session 4A: Machine Learning for Reliable Operation
  • Session 6D: Learning & Data Analysis (IP papers)

Finally, additional Machine Learning/AI papers are sprinkled throughout the program.  This is an unprecedented year for the convergence of test and AI/Machine Learning at ITC.  If you haven’t already registered, don’t forget to register for this exciting event at: http://www.itctestweek.org/register/

#machinelearning #AI

3D-TEST Workshop is back

After a four-year break, the 3D-TEST Workshop is back! Well aware of which technical topics are “hot” today, we have expanded the scope of the workshop to include testing of chiplet-based ICs, as this has a very natural fit with the existing focus. This addition caused the workshop acronym to grow from 3D-TEST to 3DC-TEST: the 7th IEEE International Workshop on Testing Three-Dimensional, Chiplet-Based, and Stacked ICs.

The workshop will take place as a virtual event, in conjunction with and starting immediately after ITC, on Thursday November 5 and finish on Friday November 6, 2020 – just like the previous editions. The program has been defined, registration is open, and everyone who is interested in these topics is welcome to join; for more information see the workshop’s website; http://3dtest.tttc-events.org. At this website, you can also find the archives of the previous workshop editions.

To whet your appetite, this video gives an impression of the previous six editions of this successful workshop. Enjoy!

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Erik Jan MarinissenScientific Director at imec, Visiting Researcher at TU Eindhoven, IEEE Fellow

Attend ITC when you like

ITC 2020 Content Live and On-Demand

Registration is now OPEN for ITC 2020, which is taking place virtually the week of November 1-5, 2020.  Attend live to get the most out of the event and interact with presenters, exhibitors, and more.

If you do not have time to attend LIVE during the week of the conference please read below as there will be content available On-Demand through the end of day (ET) December 6th, 2020.

Recorded videos of the following conference content will be accessible after the conference and until December 6th, 2020:

·        Plenary sessions, including keynote speeches

·        24 technical presentation sessions, organized in 4 parallel tracks

·        ART and 3DC-TEST workshops presentations

·        Posters

The following content is LIVE only and will not be available after the scheduled event time:

·        TTTC tutorials

·        Panels

During ITC TestWeek, November 1-6, 2020, ITC will run several types of sessions, including Live Presentations, Video Presentations, Panels, and Posters.

·        Plenary sessions are presented live, where keynote speeches are presented live with live Q&A

·        Technical papers are presented with pre-recorded video and with live Q&A

·        Panels are live discussions

·        Posters are presented with individual pages including a recorded introductory video and a break-out room for discussion

·        Tutorials and workshops are presented live

Please note that during the conference a pre-recorded technical paper presentation video will be played only during the time slot allocated. A session chair will moderate the session and the audience can ask questions at the end of the presentation and at the end of the session (during the break time).

ITC 2020 Taking Place Virtually Q&A

The safety and well-being of all conference participants is our priority. After evaluating the current COVID-19 situation, the decision has been made to transform the in-person component of ITC into an all-digital conference experience – ITC will now be an online event. Therefore, ITC will no longer take place in Washington, DC and will instead take place virtually. The conference dates remain the same – November 3-5, 2020. Proceedings will not be cancelled, and publications will continue as planned. For questions, contact itc-web@ieee.org.

  1. Is it possible to attend ITC from a different time zone and watch recorded content later?
    • Answer:  The ITC virtual even has live content and Q&A.  However, most of the content will be available for registered attendees for a month after the conference.  We have many people from various time zones that will take advantage of this so they can participate in the conference On-Demand.
    • There is a short description of our Live or On-demand summary on the ITC homepage.
  2. Does the ITC include a full program?
    • Yes.  The conference includes keynotes, papers, short industrial papers, posters, exhibitors, panels, and more.
  3. Can I interact with authors?
    • Yes.  There will be Q&A time available at the end of paper presentations.
    • Panels are interactive
    • Poster 5-minute videos can be viewed at any time.  There will be a 1.5 hour time on Wednesday to interact with poster authors
  4. Can I download videos?
    • no.  none of the videos from in the virtual platform can be downloaded.  they can only be viewed.
  5. Can I buy the material to review from ITC or workshops?
    • registered attendees of ITC and workshops will be given access to download the papers
    • note that many of the videos can be viewed for up to 30 days after the start of the conference but no videos can be downloaded
  6. what browser should I use with the virtual platform?
    • Chrome works the smoothest

A message from the 2020 General Chair

A message from Peter Maxwell, the 2020 ITC General Chair

2019 ITC mobile app & photos

We received very nice feedback on the ITC mobile app.  If you haven’t already completed the mobile app survey (from within the app) then please do so because your feedback is valuable to us.

There are lots of photos within the mobile app that you can download.  You can also download any of the discussions.  The mobile app will stay active for six months after the conference.

The winner of the photo contest was Mr. Makoto Eiki with the most likes on the mobile app for this nice sunset photo.

There are also a few hundred photos from a professional photographer which you can access with this link on dropbox – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3eicrfi13zk1cow/AAD9N8ok25blbPfJY6dIvYLva?dl=0.

We plan to use the mobile app again next year.  Here is a nice summary of frequently asked questions from the app how-to guide – link

Thanks for participating in ITC and thanks for you feedback.

Ron Press

2019 ITC Marketing Chair