2021 Advance Program Now Available

The 2021 ITC Advance Program is now available on the ITC Website.

You can access it by clicking in “2021 Advance Program” under the Program Menu.

Expect many updates.

ITC fully virtual for 2021

Our volunteer committees have worked very hard to put together an exciting event with a balance of the latest research and practical techniques related to electronics test.  As we continue to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, and taking the safety of all participants into consideration, we have once again moved ITC Test Week events to a fully online format with shorter days to maximize the opportunity to attend from home or the office without any travel being required.

ITC Virtual Platform (Underline)

More information will be provided prior to the conference about how to enter and use the platform

Exhibition floor (with posters, networking, and more)

We have a virtual exhibit floor that will host the exhibiting companies, posters, provide opportunities to meet up with others, and more.

Here is a general guideline on how to use the virtual exhibit floor in Gather.Town – exhibit floor guideline.  We will provide an ITC specific guide as well.

Keynote and Visionary talks

We have three keynotes and two visionary talks this year.  Please check out the 2021 keynote page for more details.

do you know which speaker was a pitcher in the 1971 Little League World Series

2020 ITC Awards

Awards given at the 2020 ITC Plenary

2019 ITC mobile app & photos

We received very nice feedback on the ITC mobile app.  If you haven’t already completed the mobile app survey (from within the app) then please do so because your feedback is valuable to us.

There are lots of photos within the mobile app that you can download.  You can also download any of the discussions.  The mobile app will stay active for six months after the conference.

The winner of the photo contest was Mr. Makoto Eiki with the most likes on the mobile app for this nice sunset photo.

There are also a few hundred photos from a professional photographer which you can access with this link on dropbox – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3eicrfi13zk1cow/AAD9N8ok25blbPfJY6dIvYLva?dl=0.

We plan to use the mobile app again next year.  Here is a nice summary of frequently asked questions from the app how-to guide – link

Thanks for participating in ITC and thanks for you feedback.

Ron Press

2019 ITC Marketing Chair

2019 ITC Awards

2018 Ned Kornfield Best Paper

“Fast and accurate linearity test for DACs with various architectures using segmented models”
Shravan Chaganti, Abalhassan Sheikh, Sumit Dubey, Frank Ankapong, Nitin Agarwal and Degang Chen.
(Iowa State University)

2018 Honorable Mention

“Concept Recognition in Production Yield Data Analytics”
Matt Nero, Jay (Chuanhe) Shan, Li-C Wang
(University of CA, Santa Barbara)

TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal

M. Ray Mercer



IEEE Fellow 2019

Anne E Gattiker
IBM, Austin, Texas

TTTC Bob Madge Innovation Award


Peter Maxwell
On Semiconductor


G.W. Gordon Student Service Award

Jay (Chuanhe) Shan

University of California at Santa Barbara