You can still register and view ITC content

2021 ITC had a successful event with lots of participation and productive interactions during the week.

The ITC content is still available for viewing until November 30.

Here is a summary of the event from our 2021 ITC General Chair, Jennifer Dworak.

Content access

ITC registrants (both those who registered to attend the conference live and those who register after for on-demand), can get access to videos of sessions (which was done during the conference) and videos of each paper (which was done for presentation during the virtual conference).  In addition, if an author made his slides available to download, they can be accessed through the paper videos.

To access these element, an individual must log into the underline system (they had received a link for this from underline through their registration).  To get access to the sessions and papers, they need t click on the sessions icon on left hand side of Home Screen of the login to underline ITC 2021.  There they go to the session they are interested in and they will find a video of the entire session and videos of each individual paper in the session.  The link to the individual paper will have a download slides link for those papers that made them available.

To get access to poster, after logging in to Underline ITC 2021, click on the posters icon on the left hand side of the home page.

Content availability

Item Content available Where/how access Till when? notes
Plenary Video ITC Website (and through Underline until Nov. 14) No limit Includes awards
Keynotes Videos ITC Website (and through Underline until Nov. 14) No limit
Visionary talks videos ITC Website (and through Underline until Nov. 14) No limit
Papers presentation videos  Through Underline via reg  Nov. 14  Access on underline by clicking on sessions icon.  Registered attendees will receive a link  with the proceedings
Posters Videos & posters Through Underline via reg  Nov. 14  Currently only PS1 is available, access on underline by clicking on poster icon
Tutorials/ workshops Not available after conference
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