ART: 1st IEEE International Workshop on Automotive Reliability and Test Scope: The ART workshop focuses exclusively on test and reliability of automotive and mission-critical electronics, including design, manufacturing, burn-in, system-level integration and in-field test, diagnosis and repair solutions, as well as architectures and methods for reliable and safe operations under different environmental conditions. With increasing system complexity, security, stringent runtime requirements for functional safety and cost constraints of a mass market the reliable operation of electronics in safety-critical domains is still a major challenge. The ART workshop offers a forum to present and discuss these challenges and emerging solutions among researchers and practitioners alike. The scope of the workshop includes, but not limited to: Functional Safety in automotive domain Validation of automotive systems Aging effects on automotive electronics Automotive standards and certification Power-up and periodic self-test High-quality test and DPPM minimization

General Chair: Yervant Zorian, Program Chair: Hans-Joachim Wunderlich,


DATA: IEEE Workshop on Defects, Adaptive Test, Yield and Data Analysis Scope: The scope of the DATA workshop once again returns to our common theme, which has always been DATA, specifically, semiconductor test and yield data. We in the semiconductor industry create billions of data points every hour, and we’ve made great strides in capturing, storing, and analyzing these data. As the cost of storage falls, and query and analysis capabilities become ever more powerful, the next horizon for DATA professionals is real-time understanding. How quickly can we turn our copious data from wafer sort, final test, in-line defect inspection, etc., into an understanding that leads to immediate or even pre-emptive action? The time and cost pressures we’re facing as an industry make the move towards short-loop process improvement an imperative. Suggested topics include: Data storage and security Analog fault modeling and coverage Test data analysis Adaptive test for product engineers Data mining methods for test data processing High/low-voltage and stress testing Yield learning and analysis I/O test, tuning, and adjustment Defect coverage and metrics Product and project case studies Advanced DPPM reduction technique Fault localization and diagnosis

General Chair: Jennifer Dworak, Program Chair: Arani Sinha,