VC funding opportunity at ITC 2019

Venture capital funding opportunity!

 For the first time in ITC, we bring together a number of  venture capitalists (VCs) to listen to your ideas and possibly invest. We invite startup companies, engineers, faculty, and students to pitch their ideas to the VCs and seek funds to help raise their company portfolio or start a new company. Any topics related to test, reliability, and hardware security is of high interests.

VC Panelists:

Serge Leef, DARPA
Jack Kerrigan, Razor’s Edge
Andrew McClure, Forgepoint Capital
Andy Bair, Sway Ventures
David Moehring, General Partner VC
Steven Chen, PFP Cyber
Rafic Makki, Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala Fund

If you would like to make a pitch, please contact Mark Tehranipoor ( and Shawn Blanton (, and provide a title, name of the presenter and an abstract no longer than 300 words. A committee will select about 8-10 ideas to be pitched to the VCs.

Submission due: Sep. 30, 2019

 This event is scheduled at 5:30pm on Monday Nov. 11, 2019. Note ITC 2019 is held in Washington DC. A reception follows at 7:00pm.


We also invite all ITC participants to attend presentations to the VCs, and join the reception.


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