2016 Plenary Introduction & Awards

Watch the awards portion of the 2016 ITC Plenary.  Each year ITC honors contributions made by industry leaders and innovators.  This 27 minute video shows the opening remarks for 2016 ITC and recipients of awards during the plenary.

2016 ITC opening remarks

Jeff Rearick, Bob Madge Innovation Award






2016 plenary awards:

ITC Ned Kornfield Best Paper Award 2014

Yield Optimization Using Advanced Statistical Correlation Methods

Jeffrey Tikkanen, Sebastian Siatkowski, Nik Sumikawa, Li-C Wang, Magdy Abadir


ITC Ned Kornfield Best Paper Award 2015

A Structured Approach to Post Silicon Validation and Debug using Symbolic Quick Error Detect

David Lin, Eshan Singh, Clark Barrett, Subhasish Mitra


ITC Most Significant Paper Award 2005

Invisible Delay Quality Lights Up What Could Not Be Seen

Yasuo Sato, Seiji Kajihara, Toshiyuki Maedo, Atsuo Takanori, Nozuyama


ITC Most Significant Paper Award 2006

Preferred Fill:  A Scalable Method to Reduce Capture Power for Scan Based Designs

Santiago Ramersaro, Xijiang Lin, Zhuo Zhang, Sudhaker Reddy, Irith Pomeranz, Janusz Rajski

TTTC Lifetime Contribution Medal

Janak H. Patel

TTTC Bob Madge Innovation Award

Jeff Rearick

G.W. Gordon Student Service Award

Grigor Tshagharyan

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