ITC India Test Reality Check

International Test Conference, India

July 24th – 26th, 2022

Bengaluru (India)

Test Reality Check Track

A platform to unlock test success stories and demystify test problems using TechKnov debates

Over the past few years, ITC India has come up with various tracks like Papers & Posters, ART Track, Tutorial sessions etc. The focus of these tracks has been more towards research related work and publications in IEEE. In addition, ITC India provides a unique track called TRC track. This track provides users a platform to share new test methodologies, flows and novel ideas which help in solving real test related challenges faced in the industry. These can be focused on using new technologies, enhancing existing flows/methodologies or maybe just a better way of doing things e.g., changes in pattern generation flows to improve test quality, tweaks in verification methodologies to improve turn-around time, new approaches/automation to improve test time/execution efficiency, challenges in silicon bring up & product qualification etc. This not only helps users to be updated with the ongoing work in industry but also helps them to identify pros and cons of a given methodology/work/flow/implementation and challenges associated with the same. Topics covered in this track are independent of any vendor solution or tool version.


TRC track comprises of two types of submissions:

1.  User Stories: The designers can present their test success stories, the best practices that lead to reduced turn-around time, test quality improvements, elimination of human errors and flow automation.

2.  TechKonv: This is a new TRC track concept wherein user can come up with a problem statement on some topic related to Test/DFT and our Industry Experts, experts from audience and others with domain knowledge can provide valuable suggestions leading to healthy Technical Conversation within Test community.

 Monesh Gupta                Anurag Jain                         Ankit Garg

Intel Corporation           Broadcom Inc.              Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd

Click Here for TRC Track Submissions Page

For detailed information about the submission process, requirements and deadlines, please consult the ITC India web site at or email the program chair at

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