Hardware Security Track

Hardware Security During TestWeek

Hardware security has experienced major growth over the past decade, and is becoming a integral part of design and test of integrated circuits.  You can see below that there are many topics related to hardware security.  Some really interesting applications.

Are you interested in topics in hardware security domain? The  attend this panel:


Monday Evening Panel:

Physical Inspection and Attacks: New Frontiers in Hardware Security


Wednesday Technical Sessions:


Monday, 16:00-17:30, Special Session on Analog Circuit Security:

Invited Talk 1: Using RF Front-End Characteristics for Supply Chain Tracking and Counterfeit Detection

Invited Talk 2: Securing Mixed-Signal ICs via Logic Locking

Invited Talk 3: TBD


Interested in Hardware Trojans, See:

Paper 6.1: Scalable Hardware Trojan Activation by Interleaving Concrete Simulation and Symbolic Execution

Paper 6.2: Detection of low power Trojans in standard cell designs using built-in current sensors

Paper 6.3: Hardware Dithering: A Run-Time Trojan Neutralization Method for Wireless Cryptographic ICs


Interested in Intersection of Test and Security, See:

Paper 8.1: TimingSAT: Decamouflaging Timing-based Logic Obfuscation

Paper 8.2: IJTAG Integrity Checking with Chained Hashing

Paper 8.3: Pre-silicon Formal Verification of JTAG Instruction Opcodes for Security


Trust but Verify?

Paper 10.1: Hardware IP Trust Validation: Learn (the Untrustworthy), and Verify

Paper 10.2: EMFORCED: EM-based Fingerprinting Framework for Counterfeit Paper Detection with Demonstration on Remarked and Cloned ICs

Paper 10.3: Barricade methodology for detecting counterfeits


Security Track Ends with Keynote Address:

Wednesday, 16:00-17:00: Dr. Matthew Casto, Chief, Trusted Electronics, Air Force Research Laboratory



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