Extra emphasis on industrial papers

ITC 2022 encourages and will accept more industrial case-study/practice papers

 ITC2022 Abstracts are Due March 14

 ITC 2022 will have two special industrial case-study/practice paper tracks for authors from industry, one looking for long presentations (6-10 pages) and the other for short presentations (3-5 pages). As ITC has a high focus on industry methods, collaboration and innovation, this year there will be no presumed acceptance rate for these two special industrial tracks; we are looking for great content.

The annual ITC program is a comprehensive top-down package offered to the entire test community to address the challenges and foster advancement in test technology. Therefore, the ITC program will be composed of multiple types of presentations, i.e., multiple components. Research-oriented and industrial practice papers are two of these components. In addition, the ITC program has other solicited content, such as panels, keynotes, invited and visionary talks, and special sessions. Because of the importance of industrial papers to practitioners, we have special procedures for evaluating them to encourage their submissions.

 Details of paper submission instructions and the Call for Papers is available here



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