How to Apply to Exhibit at ITC

Instructions for Selecting Booth Space

To apply for exhibit booth space, please print out and complete the 2018 Exhibits Application and return it with full payment to the ITC office address in Washington, DC, which is listed near the bottom of the application. Your check must be made payable to International Test Conference.

Select and list four locations on the Exhibit Floor Layout. Your selection may not include or cross any freight-free aisles. Although islands, split islands, peninsulas, and cross-aisle configurations are not drawn on the current floor plan, we will create them based on your needs, the fire marshal’s approval, and decisions made by Exhibit Management. Based on availability, we will try to accommodate your selection.

Double-deckers or two-story exhibits are not permitted at this time. Height limits for booth structures will be a maximum of sixteen feet. Inline booths have a maximum height of 8 feet. An application for exhibit space from first-time exhibitors must be accompanied by corporate and/or product brochures in accordance with the terms and conditions on the reverse side of the contract. ITC Exhibit Management reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any product or service for display.

No exhibitor may assign, sublet or share their contracted space with any other company that has not applied for their own space. The final decision regarding configurations and placements of booth space will be that of Exhibit Management. If you have any questions prior to making your selection, please do not hesitate to contact Bob Bartlett.

Bob Bartlett
2016 Exhibits Chair
Phone: (650) 208-4800